Asmeen Murekatete

Escort and Gold digging services.
International drug smuggler

As pictured  Asmeen Murekatete. When her accomplices and friends got caught smuggling cocaine disguised in coffee bags at Kigali airport. She fled to Belgium via Kenya in an attempt to cover her tracks , leaving her children and family to face the consequences in Rwanda.

However threatened with international arrest warrants she returned to Rwanda where upon arrival she was arrested and imprisoned until she had her trial one year later. Whilst imprisoned for reasons unknown she enjoyed a comfortable time in prison. Having a comfortable cell . Ordering takeout from some of Kigali’s most exclusive restaurants and being exempted from any labour work. As well as unlimited visitations at any time.

When her trial begun. Rwanda prosecution had a mountain of evidence against her these included statements of accounts where she could not give any answer for vast amounts of transactions and cash movements, Past travels of flight tickets corresponding with the group of drug traffickers, which was proven to be on the same flights and the same destinations. Money laundered through a hotel and to her brother in Denmark. Text messages and other communications undoubtedly proving her guilt of drug trafficking herself and arranging for her accomplices of purchasing and distributing the cocaine concealed in coffee bags. The prosecution team had and revealed in court her direct and indirect involvement in the drug trafficking that was committed between Uganda – Kigali – Belgium. Rwanda prosecution argued her case of being complicit and a possible mastermind. It should have been an easy win for the prosecution team and for justice.

However what happened next shocked the whole Rwandan community and shook the reputation of the Rwanda judiciary system. The judge cleared Asmeen Murekatete of involvement and released her from her comfortable cell.

There was an uproar in Kigali of how Rwanda judiciary failed the people and youth of Rwanda of justice. There was accusations that Asmeen had bribed the judiciary as this was the only possible explanation.

Asmeen continues to date to live a life of luxury from the proceeds of her crime. She has even blatantly transferred property of one of her accomplices who was sentenced to 5 years in prison . The property being a BMW sports car that Asmeen drives and taunts the community of Rwanda. Confirming her guilt and showing that she is untouchable. 

An undetermined amount of the cocaine smuggled by Asmeen reached the streets of Kigali where children as young as 10 was found distributing. 

The purpose of this petition is to ultimately upon reaching a number of signatures to present this petition to Rwanda National police, Presidential office and Rwanda judicary. In the hope that a retrial will take place and restoring the faith in Rwanda Judicary system. We have faith that justice will be served and setting an example to the youth of Rwanda that were affected by the use of class A narcotics. Also to show the youth and community, that there are consequences of crimes and corruption regardless of the wealth accumulated and status of the individual. Nobody is above the law.


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